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Why It’s Essential Children Learn to Code



Children must be taught how to think not what to think

Margaret mead

Children are our greatest asset, they are our future. These are words uttered by the great Nelson Mandela. In recent times, technology has become a backbone to our society and notably, software development is a huge part of this backbone. As a result, it is only sensible that we teach our children this important skill that will one day lead the world to a new Era.

From hundreds of research, most people think that coding is a hard skill to grasp, but some great minds in the tech industry such as Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak and Daphne Koller  have proved this to be just a wrong misconception. This is through their revelation that they started coding at a young age. For instance, Steve Wozniak, or ‘The Woz’ as he is often called. Like Gates, the co-founder of Apple Inc started coding in school. He had mastered coding so well that in 1969 (his first year at the University of Colorado Boulder), the 19-year-old managed to hack into his college’s computer system and send prank messages. The resulting expulsion from college didn’t deter his coding journey either, for seven years later, Woz single-handedly developed the Apple I, the computer that launched Apple. He was also the main designer of the 1977 Apple II, one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers.

There are numerous sites that offer coding skills to anyone willing to learn and would be great for a parent to enroll their child. These include,


What is your opinion about teaching children how to code?

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  1. Zee

    March 13, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    Coding helps children to give out their ideas practically and that may be helpful..
    Coding provides good platform for children to share their this way they can earn from it and grow themselves financially..

  2. tonnie

    March 13, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    well stated. Naturing children may be very foundation of new technological ideas and solutions to come.

  3. Justus mutie

    March 13, 2021 at 4:27 pm

    It’s good to stimulate their brain, for children learn faster, store content for a longer duration than adults,so I believe CBC will highly assist buts it’s every parents responsibility to see what their children want to do later in life, what is their interest and introduce them and they can easily scale to greater heights as they grow.

  4. Colins

    March 14, 2021 at 4:33 pm

    This is a really nice piece and most people should really embrace coding at an early age.

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Blockchain frenzy: couple gets married and exchanges NFT rings



techstart kenya

A couple working with Coinbase last weekend surprised everyone by deciding to get married on the blockchain. Peter Kacherginsky and Rebecca Rose shared on social media that they decided to exchange non-fungible tokens as wedding rings. The couple stated that since most people get married in a place of religious worship, on a beach, or in the mountains, they decided to get married on the blockchain.

The one kind ceremony witnessed the couple take out their smartphones and exchange NFTS as wedding rings. Unlike in other weddings when the groom or bride is seen with a phone during their wedding would be discomfort or planning to back out. It was one of a kind; in fact, it’s the first wedding ever conducted on the blockchain as it continues to garner popularity.

The couple further says that the evidence of their weddings will outlive them as blockchain is endless. In addition to a traditional Jewish way, the couple said that they wanted to solidify their vows in a personal manner, but this worked because @coinbase @iphelix wrote an @ethereum smart contract for their marriage that issued digital artworks as tokens [NFTs] to their cryptocurrency wallets.

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Celebrities reap big from NFTs



techstart kenya

The buzz in the crypto market and general tech has celebrities venturing into the NFTs business.NFTs are basically a unit of data on a digital ledger called a blockchain where each NFT can represent a unique digital item and they are not interchangeable.Non-fungible tokens represent digital files like art audio, videos, articles, video games and any type of creative work. Two notable celebrities dominated this list from last week.

Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey is making news after he sold his first-ever non-fungible token for over 2.9 million dollars in an auction. Dorsey sold his first-ever tweet which he wrote on March 21 2006 which stated ‘just setting up my twittr’ to a Malaysian-based businessman. Dorsey donated the proceeds to charity.

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge, a Kenyan-based marathon champion also launched his own NFT on April 3rd, 2021. He did it in two sets; the first set is when Eliud’s NFTs was backed by, which partnered with the non-fungible tokens market place Open Sea, to release Eliud Kipchoge’s digital trading cards based on his career highlights. Eliud’s auction ran for five days, and he sold the first set for $30864.48, which is ksh 3,321,018.05 and was converted from the 14.8837 Ethereum currency. This set included all digital representation of Eliuds 2019, the INEOS challenge of completing a marathon in under 2 hours. The buyer was an investor NoDaoIsLimited on the Open Seas marketplace. The owner of these NFTs will receive artwork in high quality and a personal video message from Eliud.

He sold his second set of NFTs for 3.1 Ethereum currency, which is equivalent to Sh 691,663.56. With this set, it mostly features the moment he crushed the old world record on the marathon, one of the oldest competitions in sports history.

NFTs use the principles behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The good thing about NFTs is that one can verify the authenticity and ownership of items because they have a unique digital code saved on the blockchain and they are just like any other piece of property you own in which you can decide to sell or buy.

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WILL.I.AM has produced his own high tech mask the xupermask he linked up with Honeywell to create this brilliant mask which is valued at 299 dollars which is rather expensive but we are living in a modern world hence WILL.I.AM’s initiative that we should embrace modernity by coming up with this mask. This mask is very protective it’s made from silicon and aesthetic mesh fabric on the sides ensuring that it fits you well around the bottom half of your face.

The mask has beautiful features like;

Has dual speed fans and HONEYWELL HEPA infiltration system which is not medical in any way .

Noise cancellation headphones of high quality and quit affordable if you think of it .

Led lights this are quite efficient especially like when taking walks at night .

Has a re chargeble battery and hence so good for the bluetooth function where you listen to your great hits and even pick calls .

The mask comes with a seal over the nose this is to prevent fogging incase you have your glasses on.

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