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What to consider before purchasing your headsets



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Imagine buying headsets, but within a short time, they stop working, disappointing right .to discover the best headsets, you have to look for them online and ensure you look at the reviews closely and choose the best one. most pages review headsets with their specific characteristics and details, so you will find the headsets you are looking for, but here are a few pointers to consider before settling on a specific set of headsets.

Noise cancellation; choose the ones that can cancel background noise around you; failure to that will distort what you are trying to listen to; lack of clarity leads to irritation.

Battery life; in a situation where your headset power goes off when listening to your favourite music or listening to an important call is the worst feeling ever, and this should motivate you to buy a headset that holds power to avoid such occurrences. Purchase one with a power that lasts at most six hours.

Comfort when buying a headset you probably want to wear it across your head, and that should make you purchase headsets that are comfortable to wear for as long as you will use them.

Design and style; when it comes to headsets, people also have a personal style, and the headsets come in different styles, designs, and types, and that’s why you should look for one that goes with your style like artists are bold; they may go with headsets with attractive color.

Price; before purchasing something, you have to look at the price range if it fits your budget; most people believe that the higher the price, the better the headset’s quality, but you can find amazing headsets from within your budget.

Mono vs. stereo sound; here you can decide if the sound comes in both ears or one most headsets fit in one ear; you should probably buy models that will play sounds in stereo so you can listen to your music .stereo Bluetooth headsets offer two options you can take calls with them or play music with them.

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Grafana, the new open-source website



techstart kenya

Basic information

Developer ;Grafana labs

Initial release;January 19th 2014

Real launch;April 7th 2021


Operating system;cross platform

Grafana defined

This an open-source software to observe dashboards, but it’s mainly for visualizing databases analyzing websites, metrics, logs, and monitor our apps with the help of cool customizable dashboards. Grafana provides charts, graphs, and alerts for the web in cases it’s connected to supported data tools.

Grafana cloud with covid 19 pandemic

Grafana is also part of open-source cloud computing; this has helped, especially since the covid 19 pandemic accelerated the need to adopt open source cloud computing tools because of social distancing and avoid touching surfaces.

Covid 19 changed how we did things; we had to start working remotely. When it came to storing office documents, many offices decided to do cloud computing so anyone could easily access information from their devices and from where they had quarantined.

Grafana products

Grafana cloud;

This is fully composable; here, you only pick what you need its an observable stack for metrics, logs traces, and synthetic monitoring integrated with Grafana. This has a Grafana dashboard, logs, metrics, and Grafana traces.

Dashboard;this is a dedicated Grafana front end with enhanced reporting security and management.

Metrics;superfast prometheus and Graphite compatible backend.

Logs;based on Grafana loki extreme scale efficiency and speed.

Traces; easy to operate, highly scalable, and cost-effective distributed tracing system with Grafana Tempo.

Grafana enterprise stack

This scales and secures metrics, logs, and Grafana on your infrastructure along with expert support. This product comes in three types; Grafana enterprise, logs, and metrics.

Grafana enterprise;dashboards ,enterprise ,plugins reporting and enhanced security .

Enterprise logs ;based on Grafana loki cluster management .

Enterprise metrics;deploy a highly available ,highly scalable metrics cluster in your data centre.

Grafana facts

To get the most out of grafana, go for the licensed grafana enterprise version; it has additional capabilities and is also available as an account on the Grafana labs cloud service

Grafana is also expandible especially if you use the plug in system .

End users can create complex monitoring dashboards if they use interactive query builders .

Can Grafana send alerts

When creating your Grafana dashboards you can add the metric based rules and this are designed to alert you when your APIs performance hits a specific or certain threshold .

Grafana pricing

Grafana has a payment plan;

The grafana cloud-free plan has a composable observability solution with metrics and logos integrated within grafana but it’s still managed by grafana but for free.

The Grafana Cloud Stard which is 49 dollars per month this gives one all the rights to manage your account.

Grafana users

Many big establishments are using Grafana software to analyze their data as they have trust in it they include;

Uber,Alibaba travels ,, Nubank,Robinhood and Wikipedia .

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The future of LG smartphones




The LG company has decided to exit the smartphone business. This decision came up because the company wants to focus its full attention and resources on steadily growing markets like robotics, Artificial Intelligence, connected devices, electric vehicle parts, digital platforms, and services.

LG has issued a statement regarding their phones still in stock, in that they will still remain on sale and will get support from LG for a period of time but this depends on the region.LG is sure their move will be complete by the end of July this year.

LG is leaving the market because of a number of reasons ;

Huge losses

The renowned South Korean tech Inc has made losses of around 4.5 billion US dollars in the past 5 years.

Competition from other brands

Existent brands like Apple, Samsung, and new brands like Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, Huawei have erased LG from the best top three smartphone makers list in the market. Though still, popular LG has the lowest sales in the market.

Poor technology

Smartphones in the markets have upgrades like high-quality cameras; LG phones have low-quality cameras which is a major turn-off for smartphone users.

Despite leaving the smartphone market LG has plans to retain their 5G and 4G core technology and even continue to develop to 6G communication .

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One plus 9 pro and Iphone 12 pro which one will you buy



One plus mobile from the one plus company have released their One plus pro on March 24th which has wonderful features as it’s their tradition that their phones are fitted with the latest high-end Snapdragon chips.

The phone can charge wirelessly at a super-fast at 50w and charge at 65w over wired charging, which Iphone 12 cannot do.

The phone is flattened thus easy to hold in your hand unlike Iphone 12 which is a bit wider and less comfortable to hold in the hand .

One plus pro is selling at 969 dollars less expensive than iPhone 12 pro, which retails at 1440 dollars but has wonderful features, thus value for your money.

It has a zoom of 30X which is 10x more than the Iphone in terms of camera .

Iphone 12 and one plus 9 pro do not have the headsets jack .

A ram of 8GB for 128GB and ram of 12GB for 256 internal memory but no card slot for micro sd.

Its 5G enabled like Iphone 12 pro .

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