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Top 4 gaming phone brands in 2021



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Oneplus 9 pro

It’s a phone that has recently been released on the market in March 2021. It’s an android phone operating on android 11, a screen size of 6.7 inches, thus guaranteed a beautiful display for your gaming experience and a resolution of 1440×3216. Massive phone storage of 128GB and 256 GB, and a ram of 8/12 GB; hence gaming experience is with the right speed no device hang up and good for storing your favorite games. It also has the hyper touch feature, which boosts the touch sampling rate, making the screen responsive to inputs a great deal, especially when gaming .a battery of 45000mAh thus enough battery life for you to play your gam

Black Shark 3 from Xiaomi

A phone with top-end specs and uses the famous 5G it was officially released in March 2020, has stayed a year in the market, and operating on android 10. A screen display of 6.67 inches makes the gaming experience beautiful. Storage of 128 and 256 GB makes a gamer store their games without worrying about space. It is a great battery of 4720mAh which ensures enough battery power to play your games. The gaming phone is also affordable.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultr

Released this year, January 2021, and operating on android 11. This phone is very efficient for your gaming experience, especially with its incredible screen size of 6.8 inches, a resolution of 1440x 3200, and a great battery of 5000mAh which will guarantee your phone not going off in the middle of your game. Storage of 128 GB and a ram of 12GB to 16GB will guarantee your phone not hanging during the game. It’s very light, weighing 228g which makes the gaming experience smooth. Despite its beautiful features and its many uses, the downside with this phone is that it’s costly, and you cannot add additional storage as it has no micro SD slot. Still, its incredible processing power can make one purchase the phone.

IPhone 12 Pro

The best gaming iPhone in the market right now. It was launched in October 2020, operating on IOS 14. The screen size is 6.1 inches and a clear resolution of 1170×2532 makes the gaming experience great because of its beautiful display. Iphone 12 Pro is arguably the best iPhone version possible because of its great processor and storage of 128GB and a ram of 6GB which makes the gaming experience to be up to speed. App Store has a variety of games for a gamer to choose from, and it’s also light weighing 189g hence not heavy during gaming. Although iPhone 12 pro is expensive, you are guaranteed a tremendous overall smartphone experience.

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3 reasons to opt for non-diary milk



Non-diary milk is the first real milk with proteins but not from animals, and it is becoming rather popular. Brands are coming up, and the first was Perfect Day milk. This milk is manufactured in labs hence the name lab milk, and it’s not made from animal cells but modified yeast. Technology has helped this invention because they have to use plants to make this milk; imagine getting milk from plants. This milk has all the necessary nutrients from proteins, fats, calories, and even fiber. The milk is also sweet and has a smooth texture; it also depends on the plant milk product type you choose. Here are the reasons why you should try non diary milk ;

1.Lactose free

Lactose is a sugar found in milk only in mammals, and your body cannot digest lactose if it doesn’t have the lactase enzyme. Everyone has the lactase enzyme, but age makes people not produce it. Lack of having lactase enzyme leads to a condition called lactose intolerant. People with lactose intolerant experience diarrhea, bloating, and even abdominal pain when they ingest animal milk. This milk is also good for small kids because they always tend to have allergic reactions to milk as they lack the lactase enzyme.

2.Its purely vegan

Vegans can now enjoy milk benefits without compromising their beliefs .people turn vegan because of health reasons or their beliefs against animal products .this milk is purely plant-based; it’s just fortified with the necessary vitamins, vitamin B12, and minerals like calcium.

3.Avoids health risks

Milk from animals tends to get contaminated; this is where the animals are kept; the animals’ litter. If milk is not handled correctly, like farmers using dirty milk buckets, it will get contaminated. Antibiotics and hormones are usually administered to the animals; this can contaminate animal milk as they do not quickly clear out of the animal body. Contaminated raw milk leads to severe illnesses like brucella or salmonella, which lead to hospitalizations and even death.

Go for this non-dairy milk if you want a substitute for animal milk; it still has the benefits animal milk offers. It is real milk.

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5 benefits of collagen for general body health



The protein supplements industry is rapidly growing because many people need them. The main protein supplement is collagen which is also the most protein component in the body .to To get collagen supplements; most are hydrolyzed; this is to make it easier for one to absorb them. Sometimes purchasing the supplements is expensive; you can opt to drink born soup and eat pork skin to increase your collagen. Taking collagen has a whole lot of benefits that include;

Promotes a healthy heart

Collagen supplements provide structure to your arteries which are the main blood vessels that supply blood from your heart to the rest of the body. Collagen makes the arteries stronger and thick. Weak arteries become narrow and this leads to atherosclerosis which has the potential to cause heart attack and even stroke.

Weight management

Taking collagen supplements gives you a full feeling you will not feel the need to snack; you will take meals at specified times. Collagen supplements also cause faster metabolism, especially of the food you may have eaten.

Healthy joints

Collagen in the supplements helps to maintain cartilage, a tissue that protects joints .the supplements improve symptoms of osteoarthritis, which reduces joint pain. Continued use of collagen supplements causes it to accumulate in the cartilage and stimulate your tissues to create more collagen. The supplements reduce inflammation.

Healthier hair and nails

Collagen makes hair and nails to be strong and thick as it prevents brittleness .The supplements makes the hair and nails to grow faster .

Better skin

Collagen improves the elasticity and hydration of your skin; this helps to deal with the growing wrinkles and your dry skin. Collagen leaves skin brighter and smooth looking. It acts as an anti-aging component.

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Meal Kit new food industry trend



Meal kit delivery service is a service where customers choose from a menu of dishes, get all the required ingredients sent and incorrect quantities.

A meal kit is a subscription service for a food service business. A company sends customers pre-portioned and sometimes partially prepared food ingredients and recipes to prepare home-cooked meals.

This trend is rapidly growing; there are many ads on live stream media and social media feeds. It has garnered many subscribers and many companies sprouting; they include Amazon, Blue Apron, and Home chef, so if you ever need your meal kit delivered to your doorstep, you are fully covered. Here are the advantages of the meal kit;

Better nutrition

Meal kits are quite healthy as all ingredients come fresh with no preservatives. Most meal kits come nutritionally balanced, and when it comes to having difficulties, including leafy greens or grains in their diets for those who always leave them out of their diet.

Easy food preparation

Most people have opted for meal kit subscriptions because they make the cooking of food easy. All your meal ingredients come thoroughly cleaned, prepared, and labeled accordingly. You can ask for meal kits for a week; all you have is to do is pull them out of the fridge and fix your desired meal.

Decision making made easier

When it comes to grocery shopping it’s always complicated because you have many ingredients to choose from. Meal kits come with specific ingredients and in their right portions.

Learning new ideas

With meal kits, you guarantee to get introduced to new recipes that are unique to you. Recipes provided allow you to learn new cooking techniques when you adhere to them, but you can become innovative and create your recipes.

Special diets options

Most meal kits service providers initially started as vegan and gluten-free diet providers. But as they progress, new and unique dietary needs and preferences are coming up.

No food wastage

Meal kits come with exact ingredients for the portion of food you want to cook like if it’s food for two people the ingredients that come are for a food portion of two people. Sometimes when you personally shop for ingredients you shop them in excess leading to food wastage.

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