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Is Telegram really secure



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Telegram has been the major advocate of privacy, and this stems from their earlier foundation days as the first chat app with end to end encryption and their decision about the kind of data to collect and store, thus guaranteeing no leakage or hacking of personal chats .not only does it deal with security but is also simple to use, its high speed and very affordable and no subscriptions.

Privacy and security

Telegram is safe and secure especially in keeping your chats secret, secret chats have an end to end encryption in that all data is fully encrypted with a key that only the sender and the recipient have.

Cloud chats

Telegram stores your messages, videos, photos, and documents on their servers, and you can easily access your data from any of your devices, thus no need of relying on a third party back up.


Telegram does not use your data to show you ads; thus, your data is well used.


Telegram only uses s basic account data to provide your mobile number and basic account data profile name, picture, and bout information that will make your contacts recognize you, and this information is public. Still, it has an anonymity air; you do not have to give out your real name, age, gender, and what you like.

Email address

You have to provide an email address to guarantee two-step verification; telegram will only use this email to send your password recovery code in case you forget it, and you will never receive emails.

Spam and abuses

Telegram takes spam and abuses messages against telegram policies seriously; when they receive the complaint, the telegram moderators check out the messages reported to them; once confirmed, the account accused is limited from contacting strangers, which might be permanent.

Sharing Personal information

Telegram can share your personal information because you signed up for it when you accepted the policies .you can share with other telegram users you choose to communicate with and share certain information.
Telegrams group of companies
Parent company telegram group inc in the British virgin islands. Telegrams FZ-LLC group members are located in Dubai to help provide, improve, and support our services.

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Is Conceptboard The Future Of Coworking



We are still in the era of the covid 19 pandemic, and with that, we have a limit on face-to-face interactions. We are trying to minimize or completely stop the spread of the infection, which has taken many people’s lives. Conceptboard is the best thing that has ever been invented to help out, especially in the employment sector. To talk about conceptboard, we have to understand what it really is.

Conceptboard is a collaborative online whiteboard that enables teams of all sizes to centralize projects and collaborate in real-time. Conceptboard can be used with a small group of people or a big group or organization. conceptboard makes you accessible to all your workmates even if they are in another state or continent; it makes you feel like you are in the same room.

Why you will opt to use conceptboard.

Suitable for brainstorming sessions. With conceptboard, you get to share ideas with your teammates even if you are from different states or localities. Various views from each person is a good idea.

Attending remote workshops is easy; they cut transportation costs and even discourage laziness or procrastination as all you have to do use a conceptboard.

Getting to develop new products; in developing the products, you get input from your other coworkers.

Boosts teamwork; when an organization’s groups are dismantled, you are sure that teammates will work to get, unlike when teams regroup into small groups there tend to cause work wrangles.

If you are looking for a way to get work done, go for conceptboard. You will have the best working experience and amazing work results. You can subscribe to conceptboard to enjoy their services. It is accurate and easy to use. Check them out on their website.

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The Beauty That Is The 360 Photo Booth



If you are an innovative events planner and want to grow your business, the most additional feature you have to add to your business is the 360 camera booth. This photo booth will not only upgrade the life of your events but will garner more clients.The photo booth is easy to use and is ready to fit any theme or event according to your clients wishes .This is a new venture that many people haven’t ventured in and you are sure to reap benefits .This 360 photo booth is ging to real transform the video and photos industry as its unique.

What is 360 photo booth

360 photobooth is also known as 360 camera booth and its the next best thing in terms of great award winning videos and photoshoots.This photobooth works in a way that your client stands on an elevated platform and slow motion captures a video from all angles .

How much does it cost??

The 360 camera booth retails from $2100but you are guaranteed returns when you start getting bookings a few hours of work can return the cash you used to buy the camera.

Types of 360 photo booths

Automatic 360 booth which has a large 35”platform and that is easily controlled by a remote .

The manual 360 photo booth with no complicated cords which makes it easy to set up and doesn’t attract much attention .

The 360 photo booths lightest model and that is portable and weighs 76lbs this ismodel is amazing as its easy to set it up and transport anywhere you want .

Is the 360 photo booth worth

This amazing photobooth comes with a guarantee of excellent photos if you are having an event; the photos and videos will leave you amazed .The booth comes with technology that allows one to attach an arm to its stationery platform to capture a 360 degrees view from any video camera of your choice .This unique photobooth will result in great effects that’s are shareable within seconds .The booth is is good for adults and kids as they both love how it works and its amazing featues.

The 360 photo booth is a wise investment for someone who has an events company as its a very admirable addition to any event because oe can easily customize it to fit a certain recommendation or idea.enhance your business and creativity to get more clients and benefits.

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Remote Healthcare Try These Medical Apps



Remote healthcare consultations are becoming the norm nowadays, mainly because mobile apps are launched frequently. The mobile health apps market is steadily growing, and it’s estimated to be a very profitable venture producing billions of dollars. Hence more apps are coming up promising to offer the best physical and mental health services ever to exist. These apps have qualified doctors to handle all your questions, and issues, and prescriptions.

Factors to consider before choosing a medical app

Services offered; do thorough research before settling on a specific medical app. Choose one with various illnesses being handled or related; choosing a specific app like a cancer app will make you not get the best out of your consultation.

Platform; choose a medical app efficient for use on all smart devices from your android and iPhone to your pc, whatever smart device you prefer.

Communication methods; choose a mobile app that offers various ways of communication and that should be secure from live video chats, phone calls, secure messaging, etc.

Here are a few medical apps to download to access healthcare services, from physical and mental treatment and drug prescriptions.


It is a woman’s only healthcare app. This app deals with the physical and mental health care of women and families. Maven gives women the opportunity to speak to doctors through live chats and private messages from general health concerns, nutrition, physical therapy, mental health, prenatal and postpartum care, and pediatric care. Their digital clinic is affordable and appointments to see medical practitioner starts from $18. Virtual visits are the easiest, especially during this covid pandemic, as they ensure social distance is observed and for those living in very rural areas to access doctors and services.

Good RX

It is an excellent medical app, but for prescriptions. This website allows users to use the Good Rx website and app to search for prescription medications at over 70000 pharmacy stores, ensuring you check which pharmacy sells drugs at a good price or is affordable. Good RX makes you save money.


This app gives users information and resources. It comes with symptom checker features, which give users a chance to input information about their specific symptoms and exactly where on the body the issue is. This is to get to know the real problem, and this app comes in handy, especially when a user needs medical attention; they use the WebMD directory to find a hospital, doctor, or pharmacy.

Babylon health

This app gives you access to doctors and specialists. You can also use their AI system designed by doctors and scientists to analyze your condition. This app boasts of having doctors with medical prowess and experienced medical practitioners.


The best medical app recommended when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. Many people are always scared to seek medical attention if they have a mental problem because of stigma. But this app makes it possible. Talkspace offers therapy to their patients within the privacy of their rooms. A user is matched with a therapist but after initial assessment. A user can send unlimited text messages to their dedicated therapist directly. In matters of emergence,y you have access to over 3000 therapists to help.

There are many medical apps on the internet right now but ensure you download a genuine and secure one. This is to avoid cases of stolen data or distribution of your sensitive medical files to other people or being served by rogue medical practitioners.

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