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Starting As A Freelancer, Consider These Essential Tools



Freelancing as a career is the newest form of employment right now. Most people choose to freelance for various reasons, such as the desire for freedom to do what they like and their passions.
It also gives you the chance to choose your clients and who you will work with at a chosen project and at a pace you are most comfortable with.
but to make your freelancing career successful, you have to come up with great strategies
to free yourself up to focus on your work and grow your business by getting work done in less time. Here are a few tools you can use to advance your freelancing career to greater heights.

1. Tools for Tracking your Time

As a freelancer, you are more likely to find yourself working on several projects
simultaneously. Managing your time is significant for proper and accurate invoicing.
You can have time tracking tools such as;

• Chrometa

It can run in the background; thus, you do not have to worry about setting a
time for the starting and ending. Chrometa creates a timesheet for you by
assigning your activities to the correct project. It achieves this by mastering
your email addresses, phone numbers, and keywords.


Harvest is the most popular time tracking tool freelancers use to keep their
business running and on time. It is easy to use and can use it on two
projects. When working in a team, harvest makes tracking the team’s time-efficient by a visual summary.

• Office Time

Apart from being flexible to use, it is also economical as you only pay for it
once instead of paying every month. Invoices and billing are made painless as
you can track time and import it directly to an invoice. Can enter meetings
quickly into projects they belong to by using the apple calendar.

2. Productivity and Project Management Tools

As a freelancer, you can find it difficult to focus on your work when destructions are everywhere.
A freelancer needs to master task management. As a freelancer, you will need to
perform your tasks in collaboration with other team members. The following tools
will be of use;

• Trello
It organizes your work and tracks your team’s project progress. Trello
visualizes the status of the task and gives you information about who is
working on it. You can achieve this by creating boards for each, then creating
lists and cards for each job within a project.

• Pocket
Looking for sources for your project can be very stressful. Pocket makes it
easier for freelancers to save information they find online, be it; videos or
articles, into their account for later use. It is flexible since you can revisit the
protected content on any device, online or offline.

3. Financial Tools

Staying updated on your invoicing and booking keeping is crucial to every
freelancer. It helps you track your payments and keeps you prepared for tax season.
The following tools will help you with your finances as a freelancer;

• PayPal
PayPal will be more beneficial to your business as it offers multiple payment options
to your clients. It doesn’t matter the method you are using to sell your services and
products, and it accepts all major credit cards.

• FreshBooks
Unlike paper receipts, FreshBooks makes your work easier with its all-in-one
solution. FreshBooks smoothness your business by putting it on autopilot for invoice
reminders. Its flexibility makes it comfortable to use as you can do your accounting
from a location of your choice with the mobile app. FreshBooks also accepts credit
payments making it more convenient.

4. Proposal Software

Freelancers need to create proposals for them to be able to get potential clients.
A good proposal gives you confidence, shows your high level of professionalism, and
Proposal software is here to help you achieve this.
Having and keeping the right tools will help boost your freelancing business.
Bookkeeping and accounting tools will ensure that you focus on your business while
keeping track of your invoices and payments.

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Why The 42scores App Is The Best Platform For All Sports Enthusiasts



The 42scores app is an app that all sports and soccer enthusiasts need. The app is guaranteed to update you with instant notifications, distribute all sports news, achievements of your favorite sportspeople, and the teams you like.

42scores works in combination with the Oasis tips prediction site, one of Kenya’s leading prediction sites with a proven 70% winning bets.

The 42scores site and app load faster and have a clearly defined interface making it easy to use.

The site is easily accessible on your desktop, and you can download the app to your phone its found on the Google play store. You do not have to sign up to access the site’s information. Most probably, customers ask if you have to pay to use 42scores. The answer is no 42scores is free to use.

With 42scores, you are guaranteed live sports news immediately; they happen even in two-minute intervals. The information ranges from which team scores, which player has been carded, or a canceled game.

42scores only provide authentic, factual, and verified information to their customers. They avoid the controversy caused by false news.

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Why Internal Linking Is Good For SEO



An internal link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website. Both your users and search engines use links to find content on your website. Your users use links to navigate through your site and to find the content they want to find. Search engines also use links to navigate your site. 

Internal linking is something you have to control as a site owner. With the right internal links, you’ll guide your visitors and Google to your most important pages.

Setting up an internal linking strategy

If you want to set up your internal linking strategy, there are several considerations to take into account. The process of doing so will depend on your site and your goals, of course, but taking the following steps will set you up for an easy and seamless journey.

1. Determine the ideal structure for your site

Imagine your website to be like a pyramid. On top of it is your homepage, there are some categories, and there are individual posts and pages further down.

2. Decide what your most important content is

Then, it would be best if you determined what your most important content is.

In other words, it’s your most important content. It’s about the heart of your business. It’s the content you want people to find when they search for topics or products that you specialize in.

3. Add contextual links

When you write multiple articles about the same topic, link them together to show Google and users that they’re related. You can link directly from sentences in your copy or add links at the end of your post.

4. Link hierarchical pages

If you have hierarchical pages on your website, link parent pages to their child pages and vice versa. Also, don’t forget to link sibling pages to each other. These pages should be related on a well-organized site, and linking them like this will make perfect sense.

5. Consider adding a related post section

Some plugins and modules add complete related posts sections to your posts. If you use one, we recommend testing whether the related posts are associated posts. If you’re not sure, linking to posts manually is probably best.

6. Try adding navigational links

Besides linking from topically related posts and pages, it’s possible to make your cornerstone content more authoritative by adding links to it from the homepage or the top navigation. It would help if you did this with the posts and pages that are most important to your business.

7. Add links to your taxonomies

If you have a blog, it could be beneficial to add internal links to the taxonomies to the post belongs. Adding links to the category and tags helps Google understand your blog’s structure and helps visitors navigate to related posts more easily.

8. Consider adding links to popular or recent posts

The last option to mention is creating internal links to your website’s most popular or newest posts. Preferably create these sections in the sidebar or the footer of your website to have them appear on all pages and posts.

Interlinking your articles increases your website’s visibility. With visibility, you will get subscribers, and your site will rank well in the search engines.

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Why A Server Owner Should Have A Carl-bot



A server owner or employee who wants to save on time should try a carl-bot. A carl bot is a discord administration and moderation bot that comes in handy, especially when it comes to doing and managing menial tasks on your servers, from sending messages to the platform, assigning roles to specific members, and giving specified commands. For messages, the carl bot has preset messages from welcoming new members, farewell messages to leaving members, and sending banning or reprimanding messages when a member goes against the set guidelines. A carl bot ensures content remains clean and saves on time. Here are the attractive features of a carl-bot.

Five key features carl-bot guarantees

Auto -role

It talks about delegating roles to other people when you are a major server owner. You have the control to assign a specific role to each member. When you assign, use an emoji reaction, which is referred to as reaction role. The reaction role is crucial to you and your target audience. They let your members know they are an integral part of your community.

Custom tags

Server owners use tags to either idea a role or call or command for something.

Tags let you create personalized messages and make it easy for you to make announcements, especially when organizing an event or a meeting. Tags help you engage with your audience.

Preset messages

carlbot easily lets you create a preset message for welcoming, farewell, or issuing a ban. carl bot spares you a lot of time you would have used to typing, especially if it’s a greeting anytime a new member joins the group. Preseting the message ensures a welcome message pops up when a new member joins. You can also ensure that your messages suit your brand messages through an embedded builder.

Advanced automod

It comes with beautiful features that assist you, especially in controlling a crowd. And avoid rules violations. The automod is the best filter; it lets you send a warning to a potential rule breaker, filter spam, kick out fakes, and mute members who might seem offensive. It also deletes abusive content, which maybe be specific words that go against your guidelines. The words are initially preset in your servers.

Activity logging

Logging refers to creating a record of any action taking place in your servers. It stems from who was invited, who joined within a month, deleted messages, and any updates. For efficiency, carl-bot lets you log in to everything in a specific channel. It also promotes privacy, limiting the number of people to see the record.

The carl bot is the best choice when one owns the server. You will enjoy the use of preset messages, which saves you the time to draft new messages. The advanced automod guarantees clean content that aligns with set guidelines and is suitable for privacy as you will give a server owner to approve people who will look at the records.

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