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Samsung’s itest to give your iphone the android feel



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Samsung has decided to go big and win its major competitors iPhone users to their side after the introduction of their new itest website. This brilliant idea came from Samsung’s New Zealand division.

The itest website installs a web app to the iPhone home screen which simulates an android powered galaxy device on an iPhone. This website aims at recreating an android feel to your OS device, and this ensures your home screen has other apps and settings options.

The new itest feature also allows access of iPhone users to the galaxy store and even their apply themes. It plays around with your messages. Friends with kids’ contacts have been considered in the text message app especially when they reply with garbled messages when you send them a text. It also deals with your phone calls especially annoying fake phone calls.

The itest is available to all iPhone users all over the world. This feature came to benefit iPhone users thinking about switching to android devices. Samsung’s itest website is the option as they will still use their iPhone.

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12 amazing features of the latest iMac version



techstart kenya

The latest iMac officially will be in the market in mid-May, and people can start making orders as from April 30th. It has wonderful features, especially the slim display, the apple silicon chip, which only existed in their MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini and this is from November last year.

1.This iMac comes in a range of new exciting colors; green, orange, blue, silver pink, purple, and yellow these bright colors are a big improvement from their normal dull colors grey and black.

2:The imac has 24 inch screen and a 4.5k display ,has a narrow border on top and on the sides , and a large chin on the bottom .The rear display is flat unlike their previous curved outlook .Apple has released a statement on the imac’s volume and that it has been reduced by 50%.

3:The screen has the apple true tone tech, which guarantees that color temperature is adjusted automatically.

4.Apple take on the imac’s camera and mic is that it will get an upgrade and with this feature you are guaranteed a better look and clear video calls .Its resolution at the moment is 1080p and a large sensor.

5.The new iMac is going to be cooler and very quiet all because of the new M1 chip .The previous iMac model lacked the M1 chip hence was quite noisy.

6.The new imac has two small fans replacing the previous bulging thermal fans .

7.The new magnetic cable that comes with the iMac is attached at the back. It not only provides power but also supplies ethernet to the iMac.

8.The new imac has the headphone jack .

9.The new model comes with 2 USB-C thunderbolt ports at the back while the higher level comes with four USB -C ports but only two of them have thunderbolt support .

10.The keyboard, mouse, and trackpad of the new imac come in the exact color of the imac you purchase. The keyboard is amazing it has a touch id button for logging in to your imac.

11.The new imac will sell at $1299 and the higher model will retail at around $1500 and this price is a little higher because it has its own reserved selected colours .

12.The base model comes with 8GB OF RaM and 256 GB/SSD but it can be upgraded up to 16GB Ram and 2TB of storage.

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11 Tips for getting the best mobile app development tool



Techstart Kenya


You should consider the money you are willing to spend for an app development tool and that the budget will not leave you in a fix. If you can afford an expensive one, go for it.

2.Security and Performance

The tool you settle on should guarantee your app security; it should not be one that has glitches and hence causing your app to be hacked. In terms of performance, the made mobile app should not have hangups that will hinder its performance.

3.Easy Upgrades and Updates

We are living in a changing world and in matters of apps updates, and÷ upgrades are a guarantee these updates boost app performance so the developing tool should have the ability to approve and enable updates and upgrade.


The tool should be easily customized so that it can be easier for the users to get what they want fast during customization.


The tool should be easy for the users and developers to use so that more time chan be used to focus on the user experience of the application

6.Integration with other applications

The app development tool should enable the app its making to intergrate ,share ideas with other apps and sync with other apps .

7.Supported programming languages

The tool should support the languages the developer intends to use in the development of the application.

8.Compatible with other development tools:

The tool should be compatible with the other tools that the developer uses in the development of the product.

9.User experience

User experience is the backbone of any application. If a developer fails to provide users with an excellent experience, then there is no reason for them to come back and use the app. User experience is an increasingly crucial feature when it comes to the digital landscape. An app determines how a user feels and thinks about your business and services.

Due to the importance of having a smooth user experience, it is important for the tool to support and help in achieving the wanted user experience.

10.Target audience

When researching an appropriate tool, it is important to identify the right set of audience for your application. The application’s future depends on this target set of users, as they lay a very significant role in the application development, as well as feature expansion and growth. Different tools work best with a specific type of audience, where one tool might not work for one type of audience.


The efficiency of a tool determines how fast an app is developed and the number of problems a developer encounters when developing an app. Therefore, efficiency of a tool is important when determining the tool to use.

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Trending 10 uses of GPT-3 by OpenAI



Techstart Kenya

Generative Pre -Trained Transformers is an auto regressive language model for creating human like texts but with deep learning technologies.

GPT-3 is predictably the next big thing for deep learning, and not only that, and it’s going to change the world as a whole.GPT-3 will also serve as a great helper to humankind. In areas like; teaching, writing beautiful poems, comprehending and huge texts also software development. Here are a few amazing uses applications, wonderful inventions of GPT-3 that shows its full essence in our world today

Website mocker; GPT-3 has the ability to clone or copy an existing website to a new website. this can only happen when you receive the URL of the website.

Code oracle; GPT-3 has the ability to generate a code solely for you. It can also recognize a code written by you.

Designer ;with designer the Figma Plugin and GPT-3 intergrates to generate beautiful web templates .

Quiz producer; this GPT-3 comes in handy, especially for teachers and students. It helps to produce questions for practice from any topics they desire, and it answers the questions themselves and in detail.

Learn from anyone;this amazing tool give you the opportunity to learn anything you desire from your preferred person .

The meme maker; there is no day you will log into your social media and not find memes from your other social media users. Memes are fun and a guarantee to make your day.GPT-3 has the power to help generate memes. It understands the process of coming up with not just memes but hilarious ones with just a few prompts

The philosopher, GPT-3, has many cons and pros that have been outlined .with this tool AI turns itself into a philosopher and answers questions about the effects of GPT on humanity.

Auto plotter; with this GPT-3 has the capability to generate or create charts and plots from basic english.

The animator; GPT-3 is known for generating amazing inventions among them is creating an animator. It creates animations especially by use of the Figma Plugin and a simple text prompt.

Object use case generation; this is where GPT tells about the things that can be done with an inputted object.

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