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Lo-fi the unexplained music genre



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Lofi music is a type of sound recordings known to contain technical flaws, which gives the recording a different feel than the live sound recorded without distortion, hum, background noise, or limited frequency response.

Lo-fi music is a music genre that doesn’t want to be defined; it just wants to remain like it was mainly because the music is not even clear. Lo-fi music contains characteristics considered
undesirable like misplayed notes, environmental interference which has to be included in the music, degraded audios and, signals and a tape hiss make up lo-fi music.

Lo-fi music became famous, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, which left people in quarantine, working from home, children not going to school, colleges closed people listened to this music because of its calming and relaxing effect.

Benefits of listening to lo-fi music
Lo-fi music can wrap you in a predictable soft sound protecting your thinking from the unpredictable, harsh world.

Lofi music gets you to be more relaxed.8

Lo-fi music gets you to focus on what you are doing, from doing your work and studying.

Key players of lo-fi music
William Berger; popularized lo-fi music by playing home recordings on the radio in NJ.
The Beach Boys; were the first big artists to use DIY recordings.
The Heaven nightclub in London was hosted by Chillout nights, where they mostly played ambient house.

Popular lo-fi artists now.
Bad. you

Top 7 channels to enjoy your lo-fi music

A classic [lofi girl]
It has 8 million active subscribers. The Chilledcows lo-fi live stream is loved worldwide as it has become a meme. Youtube in February shut down the Livestream. It caused massive panic on the internet, but the channel is back. Lo-fi hip-hop radio beats are suitable for relaxing or studying.

24/7 Magic Hour Radio
This channel is run by Michelle Phan, a beauty guru on her everyday life of creating videos listening to work. She also handles a 24-hour roadshow. This channel has an upbeat feel.

Studio Ghibli Themed chilled playlist
This channel is good for the feel-good childhood nostalgia; it also includes remixes of songs featured in Howl’s moving castle.

Coronavirus safety themed playlist
we are still struggling with this covid 19 pandemic fear dogs coronavirus safety chill alone playlist comes with important reminders like stay at home, ensure you wear your mask avoid directly shaking hands, keep social distance.

Chillbeing inspired by Avatar; The Last Airbender
Fans of Avatar anyone, this playlist will make you want to rewatch Avatar. You are just in luck, fans; an avatar series is coming up on Netflix in May.

A topical playlist
College music lo-fi beats to quarantine and to stay indoors is not just calming. This lo-fi music comes with mental health support.

A Trippy Coronawave playlist
These trippy beats are great, especially when you want to zone out and not think about the long-term impacts of covid19 in all aspects of life. This music is frantic, which is how it feels to exist in this pandemic.

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Oxio: cloud internet and cable tv provider



A white label telecom is a service platform that offers cloud internet, cable tv, and residential phone services using a single piece of software for all its operations. For example, OXIO has no visible office; they do all their operations online. Oxio was invented when the need to have good internet and compatible software could automatically handle all operations from suppliers to customers. Despite oxio working remotely, it has many loyal subscribers.

Which network does oxio use

OXIO uses the Videotron network in their internet distribution, which has a great 4G Lite coverage hence an excellent internet provider and has a steady network. It is also an independent tv and a telephone service provider. In addition, OXIO develops their own products and even have 100% fiber-optic backbone network.

Reasons why you would use oxio internet

Quality software. Oxio has strong software that can diagnose network issues before clients even notice the problem and fix it. Network issues can inconvenience a client, especially when they depend on the internet to work.

Self-installing.The oxio company delivers the internet routers and cables to their clients and sends them guidelines on setting them up, hence no installation fees.

Welcome bonuses.No no activation fees, free wifi router, and you get a free first-month internet subscription.No worries on matters payments for their first customers.

A strong and reliable connection;oxio internet is also 4G enabled; this enables one to access their favorite platforms like Netflix and no incidences of internet buffering.

It is cheap and has stable prices. Their internet plans are well indicated, so a client chooses a plan they can afford and no issues of price hiking. For example, their plan 30mbps is $48 while 70mbps is $50 for both monthly plans.

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Why you should opt for a Pulse Oximeter



Pulse oximeters are devices that a health practitioner or an individual attaches to the fingers, ears, or toes to measure blood oxygen and oxygen saturation levels. The process is also painless and not invasive. With the Covid 19 outbreak in 2020, the demand for oximeters increased because people initially used them to detect Covid or pneumonia. However, Covid 19 made people go on lockdown, so home tests were necessary. a Pulse oximeter is a small clip-like gadget.

What blood oxygen levels mean

You have to have a 95% blood oxygen saturation level, which keeps your cells and body healthy. On the other hand, 92%blood oxygen level indicates an oxygen deficiency which may lead to illnesses.

Why one may opt to use pulse oximeters

individuals who have to use an oximeter include ;

Lung cancer


Covid 19

Heart attack

Congenital heart defects

Individuals with such health issues are prone to their oxygen levels being affected; that’s why a need to have a pulse oximeter is necessary to check their blood oxygen levels frequently.

What an oximeter is able to determine

To evaluate if a patient needs help to breathe, this oximeter determines if a patient has to be hooked on a ventilator to help them breathe.

To check and monitor how well a new lung medication is working, this is especially if a patient has lung cancer or lung disease.

Helps evaluate if a ventilator is helpful if a patient is hooked on one.Like if it is truly helping them to breathe efficiently.

Monitor oxygen levels during or after surgical procedures that require sedation will determine if a patient will be fit to undergo an operation.

Check someone’s ability to tolerate increased physical ability. This is in instances where one is doing vigorous exercises or lifting heavy objects.

Are pulse oximeters accurate

Using a high-quality pulse oximeter either from hospitals or medical offices is a guarantee of accurate results. The accuracy from a pulse oximeter is that it only provides a 2% difference to what your true oxygen saturation level is. To get accurate results from a pulse oximeter, one should cease movement and clear nail polish from their nails.

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Secretlab chairs a gamer’s paradise



For the longest time, gamers have never been considered; people take their video games as pure games. The Secretlab company came up with amazing chairs for gamers to guarantee their comfort and a healthy back while gaming. With comfort, gamers can reach their full potential; make winnings, achieve their targets, and general happiness.

The secretlab chair comes in two types

Secretlab omega; is suitable for smaller gamers. It has wide 4D armrests for comfort, and it’s affordable.

Secretlab titan; this is for a gamer sure of their weight this chair is designed to hold one for hours depending on your gaming sessions and gives you comfort.

Features making it the best gaming chair

More room on the seats; the omega type has curved wings on each side that hug you holding you in place in the chair as you play your games .for those with wide hips you are guaranteed comfort.

Wonderful material

The secret lab gaming chair has wonderful material; the soft weave of their signature fabric model is comfy and breathable which limits a gamer from sweating especially when they seat for longer gaming sessions . The PRIME 2.0 Leather seats are strong which guarantees no tearing and offers a comfortable feeling.

Has lumbar support .

The titan has inbuilt lumbar support, which is well accommodated to your this keeps you in position as you play video games. With this, you can easily adjust the protrusion of the lumbar support by twisting a knob on the side of the chair . The omega version has a lumbar cushion. This has a downsize of slipping down, especially when coordinating your game.


Secret lab chairs are expected to last for five to 10 years from the year of purchase. In addition, these chairs come with a strong PU leather upholstery and a great velvety feeling.

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