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Facebook Hotline the newest friendly live audio chat



techstart kenya

Facebook the social media giant has launched an experimental online forum called Hotline a live audio chat .Hotline uses a blend of voices ,texts and video options for participating in online discussions with the hosts .

Hotline being new has interesting options like users getting the chance to ask their desired questions but in writing.

Speakers can also choose who they invite on the stage to speak and not anyone gets the chance to speak.

Hotline came up with the need to find out how interactive, live multimedia questions and answers. From this, people learn from experts with professional skills. It helps established people grow their businesses because of the many ideas they get from other people.

Hotline seems like a safe avenue in that session holders can turn on web cameras to be seen no anonymity in the air and remove abusive messages from the text chats.

Facebook workers will have to moderate hotline events and will evict anyone who violates the set rules with regards to what hotlines terms acceptable .

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New Clubhouse feature to earn creators cash



techstart kenya

The clubhouse is officially one year old, and with its year anniversary, it has an additional feature beneficial to its creators.

The clubhouse has come up with an initiative in which users will send money to their favorite speakers on the platform; this is confirmed through a blog they made. Clubhouse made a blog about a new monetization feature that allows creators to be paid directly.

The monetization feature works like this; a user can send a payment to the clubhouse by just going to the profile of the creator to whom they wish to give money. but the creator has to have the feature enabled. With this enabled feature, the user can tap the send money icon and enter the desired amount you want to pay a creator.

Making a payment does not give a user the chance to send a personalized message to a creator he paid. The creator gets 100% of the payments, but this is after the user pays a processing fee. The fee will go to the payment processing partner and thus the clubhouse takes nothing.

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Common Customer support mistakes



Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct product use like resolving any technical problems they may have with a product. For a tech business ensure that you have the best and qualified customer support system this will lead to customers getting annoyed because of these factors.

Long wait times

With customer support, you have a guarantee of no speed in resolving your issue, and that’s a proven fact. It may take hours or days to resolve your issue.

Getting passed around

You may be talking to your support agent, and then he decides to hand you over to another agent simply because he is not well versed with that particular issue. Then you have to explain to the new agent your issue again, and that’s so tiring and inconvenient.

Perceived rudeness

The support agent solving your issue may sound so rude, like in their tone or the questions they ask you or them concluding that you caused the issue yourself.

Not apologizing

Sometimes as a support agent, you have to feel sorry for what your customer is going through even if you are not responsible for it, this makes the customer calm and waits for their issue to be resolved.

Treating your customer as you want

Avoid keeping your customers waiting, speaking rudely to them, dismissing their claims like they are not important is a sure way of treating customers wrongly. Every customer is important in ensuring the growth of your business.

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Top IOT innovations in 2021



Techstart Kenya

IoT an acronym for the internet of things and iot being the buzzword that every industry or sector everyone wants to be associated with from the education sector, health sector, and commercial sector. Many IOT innovations came up they include ;

Remote teaching and learning

The introduction of virtual, zoom classes opens doors to new digital experiences but at the same time, people have the opportunity to choose what knowledge they want to acquire.


Industries involved in production and manufacturing will grow more as there is the incorporation of smart devices like instead of supervisors there are cameras to do the work and costs of logistics cut and in the production process, we use a robot to monitor the conditions.

Micro mobility

Covid 19 affected how people interacted and even worked people were scared of public transport like trains buses for fear of contracting Covid 19 it led to the introduction of electric scooters and bikes.

Heath care systems

The introduction of robots to perform major surgeries as we still maintain social distance, thus the need for doctors to stay away from their patients. Still, these surgeries are made possible by using 5G and distributing vaccines,carrying out tests, and responding to patients without network interruptions.

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