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Everything About Podcast Platforms, Examples



A podcast platform is where you store and distribute your podcast, recordings, and audio files. The platform also provides a podcast RSS feed; it states all the podcast episodes you will submit to other podcast directories.
The platform also provides analytics, web players, scheduling tools, and any other feature to publish your podcasts and make them grow.

It is a podcasting platform designed for more prominent enterprise-level podcasts. They serve as advertizers looking to reach popular podcasts.
Their suite feature for podcasts includes dynamic ad insertion, ad management, sales, and more. To get hosted on this platform, send them an email with an invite request.

It is an amazing podcast hosting platform .they have a paid plan, but one can opt for their free plan; you can use it for as long as you want. Buzzsprout allows you to upload 2hours of audio per month, and the audios are hosted for 90 days.

A known free hosting platform with unlimited everything from podcasts, storage, and bandwidth and has an extensive directory of shows.

this is a podcast well known as a free podcast platform .this platform deals more with mobile podcasting, but you can use their web interface to edit and manage your episodes. The platform has an inbuilt ad platform, easy editing of your videos, and constantly updates new featured podcasts.

It’s a paid but also a free podcast platform. Its downside is that their podcasting features are limited, but you get up to 3 hours o storage free with this. If you are interested in unlimited hosting, you can pay $135per year, and this allows you to upload 30 hours of podcasts per week .with other payment options you can avoid as their downsize is that you can only upload 6 hours of content.

Before choosing a podcast platform consider
Podcast hosting platforms are not the same. They are divided into groups. This depends on the users . Some platforms are designed for beginners, big brands, or enterprise customers, and each has its pricing. For a beginner, be ready to part with $19 per month.

Podcast hosting subscriptions
pricing for podcast hosting ranges from $5to$50 per month. Prices vary; this depends on the podcast hosting company, the number of episodes, and how many of your podcasts have been downloaded.

Dangers of using a free podcast platform
The main issue is with data privacy issues is that you are not guaranteed privacy of your data.
Free podcast platforms lack sustainability and hence tend to be shut down, resulting in losing your podcasts, audios, and recording.

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One-page Websites Made Easy By Carrd



Building a one-page website has been made easy. Carrd is the solution. Carrd is a platform designed to create a simple responsive one-page site for anything you want. It might be a school, company, football team, or even an event. It’s also the most affordable way to create a one-page website as it’s 100% free to use; it’s only when you want advanced features you have to pay for. Want to create a one-page website for your business? Try carrd to offer you the best website for your business and reach potential clients.

why use carrd

It’s fast; it has no complicated steps, thus making it easy for you to make a website.

It’s simple to use;carrd has no complicated plugins; it’s specified simple steps to follow to create a website.

It is flexible; with carrd, you can make adjustments and changes to your website easily.

It’s free; yes, carrd is 100% free to use. You can only go for their paid version if you want to use its other advanced features.

Top 5 uses of Carrd

Create profiles; carrd can be used to make an excellent personal information page. For your profile, you tell others about yourself. You can also use it to market yourself and your business to your employers and even partners.

Landing; this is mainly for your products, services, and apps. Landing pages make it easy to explain what something is, what it’s about, how it works, and where to get it.

Forms; forms are a good idea when collecting emails or conducting a survey. It’s a good boost for a business, especially when interacting with new and potential clients or customers.

Building a portfolio; portfolios is used mainly by visual artists. On this portfolio, they show off their work of art and graphics.

Sections; comes with sectioned formats which are good for writers. When outlining stories it helps keep track of characters and even plot points.

Carrd is the best option for your one-page website. It’s fast and also simple to use to void time wastage. Carrd is flexible you can easily make changes to your website to achieve your set goals and ideas.

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Experience Windows 10 On Your Mac Easily



Most people have embraced apple laptops as they are fast and convenient. This is because windows were slower, but Microsoft has finally stepped up and come up with the new Windows 10, which their loyal users who had switched to macs can use on windows on them without buying any new software. To transform to this process, Apple had to create some helpful tools and solid third-party options to make it possible to use Windows 10 alongside OS X.

How to install windows on a mac

When it comes to installing windows on a mac, there are two simple ways.

virtualization program;

With this program, you can run windows 10 like an app right on top of OS X or opt to use Apple’s built-in boot camp program to partition your drive to dual boot windows 10 right next to OSX.

You can purchase a virtual machine like parallels and VMware, which can cost $70, and this is a top-up after you have already purchased windows 10. The downside is that running OS X with windows simultaneously will drain your processing power, making the operating system not perform to its potential.

Boot camp

This is the easiest way to get windows on your mac, and it’s free. With boot camp, you cannot easily transfer content between OS X and windows or run the two operating systems alongside each other. Boot camp gives windows full access to the processing power of your mac. You have to pay for the windows license and a shared dropbox or google drive to facilitate faster data transfer.

Requirements to get windows on your mac with bootcamp

Check the system requirements to ensure that your mac can run windows should be macOS High Sierra and earlier.

Your mac has to have a ram of 2GB and 30 GB free hard drive space to ensure the smooth running of Boot camp.

A 16 GB flash drive for Bootcamp to create a bootable drive to install windows 10.

Back up your mac in case anything goes wrong; you do not want to lose important documents, especially when you partition the hard drive.

Download a copy of windows 10, the original version, not the upgrade, or buy windows 10 on a USB drive.

Apple devices you can install windows on

You can use Bootcamp to install windows on these apple devices; MacBook introduced in 2015 or later. MacBook Air introduced in 2012 or later. MacBook Pro introduced in 2012, or later, mac mini introduced in 2012 or later,iMac introduced in 2012 or later,iMac pro all models MacPro introduced in 2013 or later, and Apple MI MacBooks using apples ARM-based chips.

How to install windows on your mac with Boot Camp

Open up boot camp assistant found in the utility folder in your applications list. The boot camp will give you a prompt to back up your mac. You will be presented with a page that will ask you to select the tasks you want boot camp to complete .you will have to check all the boxes and ensure that your flash drive is plugged in, and click to continue. Make sure you select the Windows 10 ISO location, choose your USB drive as location, and press continue. The Boot Camp will create a boot drive with all necessary drivers. It takes an hour to make this switch. Boot camp creates a USB boot drive that will prompt you to choose how much you want to partition your hard drive for windows. You have to be sure before making a decision because after you choose you cannot expand the partition without completely reinstalling your windows.

How to use windows on your mac

You have to restart your Mac anytime you want to switch between OS X and Windows 10. Once the rebooting process starts hold down the option key until you see the boot manager and click on the partition with the corresponding operating system you want to use.

Getting windows on your mac is very easy and simple. and it runs smoothly with no issues of hangups. In case you want to switch back to your OS operating system, it is easy to un install it all you have to do is open boot camp ad check remove windows, and click continue .when you want to remove the entire windows partition click restore on the next screen all you have to do is provide a password requested by boot camp and your mac will go to its original state. the only downside is its effect on your battery life windows on mac consumes a lot of power.

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The 6 Best Razor Brands For A Smooth Shave In 2022



A man’s pride is always their beard. Razor bumps and horrible skin irritations are the worst things that can happen to a man’s beard. It occurs most of the time due to lousy shaving regimes or poor razor hygiene. You have to check out the razor you are using if those are not the contributing factors.

The good thing is that the market has excellent razors and big brands you can trust to give you the best beard shaving experience. Here are a few brands to give a smooth shave.

Harry Winston’s razor

The razor that has stayed in the market for a long time; is Harry’s Winston razor. The razor has a sleek design and is thus the best razor for a close shave.

It has the right weight, which is good to give you the best pressure glide, and precision that you need when shaving your beard. It has the best design, especially its sleek aluminium body and excellent silver grip.

Gillette SkinGuard Raz

When it comes to shaving our beards, we all need that smoothness between our blade and skin. Gillette’s Skinguard razor, designed solely for sensitive skin and its blades, is the solution since they are specially made to lubricate the skin and regulate its pressure. This dual-blade razor doesn’t shave quite closely as a 5-blade cartridge which makes it suitable for your sensitive skin.

Schick Hydro5 Sense

Imagine a razor that deploys a soothing gel as you shave in the Schick hydro5 series. The soothing gel comes in three varieties: a cooling menthol, hydrating coconut oil for sensitive skin a formulation with herbal extracts. They use a combination of five blades to ensure you have a smooth, steady, shock-absorbent shave, which includes a single-blade mode for spot-checks and detailing. For refills, you can get them at your drugstore.

GilletteLabs heated razor

The newest Gillette innovation was recently launched. The heated razor is an effort to emulate the classic hot-towel shave. This shaver does not guarantee you feel good: the heat helps open the pores for a smooth, irritation-free shave. This shaver is powered by a rechargeable warming bar and has a flex-disc head that rotates with your face’s contours.

BIC disposable razors

It is suitable for people who shave frequently and run out of replacement blades. That is where BIC disposable razors come in handy. BIC has a pivot-head and aloe-strip blades incredibly sharp on first use; you can get the 8-pack affordable.

Trim touch-up blade

A scruff or a full beard is amazing, but you have to clean up the perimeter. Most of the standard-fare cartridge blades just are not giving the best cut. They always make the beards too obscure and your beard border. That’s where these Trim vertical blades come in: These blades work a lot more like a straight-razor shave from your barber to help you shave clean lines where you need them.

Bevel safety razors

It is the safest razor as it prevents shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation, then you. Bevel, a known safety razor, has the right weight to give you a smooth, single-blade shave that will not harm your skin. Though there’s a learning curve, once you master it, this razor will make you are cleaning up routine easy. It’s also a cost-effective way to shave and is affordable.

Choose a shaving razor you are most comfortable with and can afford. Opt for one with a skin guard if you have sensitive skin. You can purchase your razors at your local supermarket.

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